P5: Centro di Ricerca, Sviluppo e Studi Superiori in Sardegna (CRS4)


CRS4 (Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia) is an interdisciplinary research centre developing advanced simulation techniques and applying them, by means of High Performance Computing, to the solution of large scale computational problems, and developing innovative applications in the field of the Information and Communications Technology.

CRS4 has developed a more than ten years of experience of CFD simulation applied to the Accelerator Driven System (ADS) cooled by heavy metals, first in National funded Programs (TRASCO), then at the European Level, contributing to the MEGAPIE experiment at PSI, the IP PDS-XADS (FP5), in the IP EUROTRANS (FP6), currently working in the IP THINS and CDT (FP6). CRS4's contributions have always been performed in close interaction with its partners, mainly ENEA, Ansaldo and SCK•CEN.

Key persons involved in the project:

Vincent Moreau is senior researcher at CRS4 in the Process Engineering and Combustion Program, took his degree in Numerical Analysis at Paris-XI University in 1990, made his one year Scientific Service at ONERA on atmospheric lightning numerical modelling and underwent a PhD thesis at Paris-XI, presented in 1994, on Functional Analysis applied to pseudo-Newtonian flows. In 1995, he worked at ENEL-CRT of Pisa on two-phase flow simulation and modelling. He arrived at CRS4 in 1996 where he works on fluid-structure interaction. Since 1997, he works in the ADS field, making CFD simulations and analysis, participating to the FP5 PDS-XADS and FP6 EUROTRANS, THINS and CDT projects. Since 2002, he also works on turbulent combustion simulation.

Luca Massidda is researcher at CRS4, graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Cagliari University in 1997. He worked as a mechanical engineer for a private company for two years, designing special valves for refinery plants. Since 1999 he works at CRS4, where he gets experience in mechanical simulation and in scientific programming on parallel machines. He got involved in several projects: the design of fission fragment space propulsion system for the Italian Space Agency; the design of several equipment of the LHC and other experiments for CERN; the design and simulation of a solar power system, among others. In 2008 he worked at CERN as a scientific associate developing simulation software for beam dump studies. He develops further his software in the FP6 THINS project. He is now working at CRS4 as head of the Process Engineering and Combustion Program.