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WP1: Consortium Management

Work package number 1
Start date or starting event: M1
Work package title: Consortium Management
Activity Type: MGT
Participant number: 1
Participant short name: SCK•CEN
Person-months per participant: 6.38

This WP is aimed at the general coordination of the consortium (i.e., management of legal, financial and administrative aspects) and at guaranteeing the coherence between the different work packages in order to respect the project’s objectives, its overall internal coherence, time schedule, issuance of deliverables, periodic reporting to the European Commission.
Moreover, WP1 is devoted to improve the diffusion of knowledge and information utilizing the gained information on HLM technologies and on the reliability and performance components. A proper website will be implemented acting as central point of information for the partners and the overall scientific community on topics addresses in the frame of the project, highlighting the latest news.

Description of work
WP1 is dedicated to the general management of the project, and in particular it will provide:

  • general coordination of the consortium and maintenance of the consortium agreement;
  • administration of project resources;
  • elaboration and monitoring of project procedures including the performance indicators, the definition of the project’s internal organisation, procedures, document models, etc., in detail in order also to address and solve potential conflicts among the project partners efficiently;
  • preparation of the consortium agreement;
  • follow-up of project planning, deliverables and milestones;
  • ensuring that all partners share the same level of information on general issues concerning the project, i.e. contract and project management, work progress, communication, etc.;
  • elaboration of the periodic management & activity reports to the European Commission;
  • preparation, organisation and minutes of project management meetings (progress meetings, governing board meetings and technical coordination board meetings);
  • follow-up of decisions and action plans;
  • preparation of the project presentation.

SCK•CEN will act as project coordinator (PCO).
The coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the project to guarantee its smooth functioning. It ensures the organization and secretariat of the general meetings, of the Technical Coordination Board (TEC) meetings and of the Governing Board (GOV) meetings. Moreover it helps in the internal diffusion of information and keeps a register of all the reports produced in the project. Together with WP7 a communication and dissemination plan will be prepared.
In the frame of WP1 the support of the External Technical Advisory Committee (ETAC) will be guaranteed and the links with the other project work packages facilitated.

Finally the PCO will provide to define a website dedicated to the main results carried out in the frame of the HLM technologies as well as the results gained in term of reliability and performance of nuclear components will be realized and made available online with the scope to act as a common platform for exchanging information among experts and with public at large. The website is expected to act, in fact, on a double level: provide general information on HLM technologies and HLM system development to public and provide specific technical information and space of discussion to the specialists.
The website will be structured, therefore, in three specific areas:

  1. A technical area dedicated to the main topics related with the HLM technologies (thermal hydraulics, component and system development), outlining the state of the art and the main results. In this section it will be possible to find data and exchange information through a dedicated space of discussion. Actions to encourage the fruition of the website area by the other project teams as well as by public at large will be carried out in order to have the website acting as a platform of information and discussion on HLM technologies and on the ADS/LFR development, for an effective support of the ESNII roadmap.
  2. A project presentation area: part of the website will be dedicated to the description of the project, presenting the structure and the outcomes of the work packages (i.e. the outcomes of the workshop and training course organized in the project, the links with other projects and national/international activities, etc.). In particular, an internal area restricted to the project consortium where all the documentation related to the project will be made available for an easy consultation to the consortium partners and the commission will be created.
  3. A “news and events” area: a space dedicated to the main international events (conferences, workshops, and training schools) will be prepared and maintained updated, to act as a common information point for the researcher a public at large, interested in the main events in which the “HLM community” is involved. In this area the main news related to the development of LFR/ADS systems and to the HLM technologies will find place.

D1.1 Project quality plan including measures of success (SCK•CEN) (M2)
D1.2 Minutes of the first Reporting Period general meetings (GOV+TEC+general management meetings) complemented with indications from the ETAC (SCK•CEN) (M18)
D1.3 Minutes of the second Reporting Period general meetings (GOV+TEC+general management meetings) complemented with indications from the ETAC (SCK•CEN) (M36).
D1.4 Report on the access to the website and information collected (newsletter, indications from ETAC) (SCK•CEN) (M36)
D1.5 Set-up of a public and private website (M03)
D1.6 Consortium agreement (M06)
D1.7 Communication and dissemination plan (M06)
D1.8 Project presentation (M03)