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WP7: Education and Training

Work package number: 7
Start date or starting event: M1
Work package title: Education and Training
Activity Type: Other
Participant number: 8 - 1
Participant short name: VKI - SCK•CEN
Person-months per participant: 3.83 - 1.6

The objectives of this work package are fourfold:

  • To coordinate the different dissemination activities of the work outcomes obtained by the SEARCH partners to guarantee strong visibility of the project at key events thus making aware the European Academia and Industry of the project.
  • To initiate the preparation of technical and scientific papers for peer review journals and presentations at international conferences.
  • To promote fruitful exchanges with other research projects (EC and national such as CDT, LEADER, THINS). The presence of SEARCH partners in many of these projects will facilitate this action
  • To organize educational and specialized training courses as well as practical work sessions on coolant chemistry control, fuel-coolant interaction and fuel dispersion as well as release and capture of radioisotopes, which are key issues of SEARCH project for the reliability of LFR/ADS reactors.

Description of work (VKI, SCK•CEN)
With the predominant presence of research centres and universities, the dissemination of project results will be through the traditional academic approaches such as the publication of scientific papers and participation to Scientific Conferences.
In order to ensure that the SEARCH project has a coherent approach to the way it disseminates, this work package has been defined to federate the different actions, promote the project objectives and its expected results and encourage all partners to perform both internal and external communication actions.

Aiming to build and maintain competencies in science, technology and safety issues related to nuclear fields, the Work Package will provide the following communication means,

  • Project communication kit (flyer, PowerPoint presentation and project poster) for the benefit of the partners to provide coordinated messages.
  • Training material, consistent with the SEARCH project objectives, to support educational and specialized training courses, e-learning and distance learning.
  • Training activities or practical work, associated to courses or workshop, in research or higher technological institutes.
  • Education activities in forms of open workshops and/or intensive specializing courses.

Participating students will be asked to jointly perform studies on the issues of interest for the LFR/ADS components, putting a strong relevance on MYRRHA reactor. In this framework, students at PhD, Research Master and Master Science level will be trained in the main issues of LFR nuclear reactors. Problem based learning will form the basis of the activities.

The project level dissemination of progress and results to scientific conferences and propose special sessions to well-known conferences will be ensured. Several conferences have already been identified by the Consortium as relevant opportunities (both European and International) for initial dissemination of the SEARCH objectives and baseline within the nuclear sectors.

Students will participate to intensive specializing courses (1 or 2) and/or open workshops (1 or 2), in the form of mini-symposia on lessons learned and on achieved progress, Researchers, PhD, Research Master and Masters Science level students will participate to these workshops presenting and discussing their work, with the possibility of having feedback from SEARCH work package leaders and from the Expert Panel.

Each workshop would last 4 - 6 days, 1-2 days devoted to lectures, 1 day to student numerical simulation training, 1 day to student presentations and 1-2 practical student work in research or higher technological institute. These workshops will be included in the final review meeting of the project. The output of these workshops will be proceeding books collecting all the written documentation discussed and presented.

In the frame of the SEARCH Project partnership a Lecture Series will be selected and proposed in the intensive specializing courses that will be open to the research community all over Europe. This course will be open to the research community all over Europe. The attendance will be free of charge for the SEARCH partners and special invitation will be sent to the scientists from other running EC projects.

Moreover each SEARCH Project partnership, in collaboration with WP7, could announce masters or PhDs thesis topics related to HLM cooled nuclear systems, topics mainly related to the SEARCH Project
The work is subdivided in four tasks as follows:
Task 7.1: Coordination and E&T/RTD organisation (VKI)
The objective of this task is to define the detailed time-table and agenda for the workshops, practical work, lectures or training course to be organised, make a list of tentative teachers for each symposia/courses and of the research centres and higher institute for practical works, a list of suitable masters thesis topics, identifying supervisors for these theses, if any, to compile workshop evaluations and produce deliverable 7.1.
Task 7.2: Workshop on LFR/ADS Objectives and Design (VKI, SCK•CEN)
The purpose of this workshop is to define a general survey of LFR/ADS science and technology development. The purpose is to provide background information to students in the field. Tools, procedure and methodology for assessing the safety and design of the components of new heavy liquid metal cooled nuclear systems, with reference to the Lead-bismuth cooled accelerator driven system MYRRHA will be introduced and applied. Moreover practical work programmes in research or higher technological institute are foreseen jointly to the proposed learning programme.
Task 7.3: Workshop on Fuel and Coolant Chemistry (VKI, SCK•CEN)
In this workshop, the fundamental, modelling and simulating approaches of the phenomena involved in coolant chemistry control, fuel-coolant interaction and the resulting outcoming products will be dealt with. Also dispersion of these products in the coolant and release into the covergas for volatiles will be considered.
The foreseen experimental tests to analyse such mechanisms and the existing numerical approaches will be discussed with the intent to provide students with the means to identify the key features of these phenomena and the available tools to their study..
In addition the students will have also the opportunity to participate to practical sessions organized on dedicated lab facilities.
Task 7.4: Training course on Fluid Mechanics in Nuclear Technology (VKI)
This one week course will be organised within the format of VKI Lecture Series. The lecturers will be selected from the SEARCH partnership and also among world experts in the field of thermohydraulic aspects of LFRs. All the relevant physico-chemical and fluid mechanics aspects related to safety issues of LFR/ADS systems will be covered.
The output of this lecture series will include a lecture note book (with ISBN).

D7.1 1st Workshop lecture book (VKI) (M18)
D7.2 2nd Workshop lecture book (VKI) (M24)
D7.3 Lecture Series book (VKI) (M36)